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The Florida Export District Council is responsible for implementing the export promotion efforts of the U.S. Commercial Service in view of its leadership and extensive international knowledge. We at the District Export Council provide the necessary support to the interests of the U.S. exporting community, as well as providing due commercial guidance regarding the sydney export process, through seminars, events, and community outreach to encourage the export of Florida companies.

We work with an approach based on value and results to serve as a model for Councils such as the National Brotherhood Export and we adhere to the following objectives:

1. Foster export opportunities.

2. Protection of policies in favor of commercial promotion.

3. Encourage companies to execute and obtain export results.

Currently, there are five Export Council Districts, which are located throughout the state of Florida. I take this opportunity to invite you to visit our website, attend our events and use the resources provided to improve your exports. Join us at the Hannover Messe 2016 Created on November 20, 2015.

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet the top and potential foreign buyers at the world’s premier trade in manufacturing trade event, HANNOVER MESSE. The event, Hannover Messe, took place April 25-29, 2016, which had five fairs that will be in the same place and together represent all facets of modern manufacture. The Hannover Messe 2016, along with Industrial Automation, Digital Factory, and R&D, attracts more than 100 delegations from buyers and more than 20.00 participants from 70 different countries. The event will also feature the presence of U.S. companies that will exhibit on the U.S. pavilions, and will gain unprecedented international exposure and have the following benefits: – Unique international exhibition, which includes a featured page on the Hannover Messe 2016 website with enhanced search capabilities; – Tickets for the Opening and Reception Ceremony; – Personalized support fro U.S. commercial services industry specialists; – CS Executive Market Counseling with CS staff among the top 25 markets in Hannover Messe (B2G). – Booth tours; – Before you go, check out Webinars to increase on-site opportunities and more. SUMMARY OF THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT Ministers from 12 countries that are part of the Trans-Pacific (TPP), including Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, The United States, and Vietnam – made the announcement that they had concluded their negotiations.

As a result, an ambitious agreement of high standard, elaborated and balanced, which aims at economic growth; incentives in job creation and retention; improving innovation; and will also promote transparency, good management and implementation of labor and environmental protection measures. Concerning the co-operation of this agreement, which has its new high standards of trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific, and an important step towards our goal of opening regional trade and regional integration. Road Show of Regionalization of Europe, September 12, in the Miami Free Trade Zone. Explore opportunities in Europe The U.S. Service will promote a road show where some of its trade representatives based in several countries will be presented, which are responsible for a wide range of industries in the European Union. In addition, they also discussed their general visions regarding the region, their industries, and opportunities. After this, each representative will be available for individual attendance to discuss the market potential for your products.

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